Friday, January 19, 2007

GURU - A re-view of Dirubai Ambani!

Maniratnam's biggest and most awaited movie...When formula movies were the trends of the day, he used to frame his own equations.But this time he refused to hone or reinvent his innovative skills. Guru is worth a watch if you are a fan(like me) of Mani Ratnam's minimum standards. But,It's certainly not his best!
Guru is about Gurukant Desai, an ambitious man. He is the kind of man who would plan to conquer the world if you given him enough time and resources, and he did.It's just an ordinarilly naratted story of highly successful businessman,yes,not a class script,but it's a highly inspirational,provoking,intoxicating and stimulating.
“Yes, I saw Guru last night and I’ve asked to see it again today and I shall want to see it a 100 times over. It is Mani’s best. And I speak as a viewer, not as a father. I have held myself back on many an occasion from commenting on my son’s work, but this time I shall not. To hell with niceties and restraint. Abhishek is incredible! I have been choked with emotion ever since I have emerged from the theatre and still am. This is a role of a lifetime for him and he has given a performance of a lifetime"-Big B's words about his son Abhishek.Its true,he scored his part well.
And A R Rahman,everyone knows,he is not a run-of-the-mill,mani's movies are very special for him.Songs,already a chart buster.Background music,simply stimulating, screams and synchronizing with movie's period and with its quality.
Totally,Guru is a film not to be missed!!