Thursday, October 18, 2007

CEO's secrets

It is really an inspirational moment if u meet a founder of big or successful organizations,again it is stimulating if u ll get chance to attend a presentation of such kinda founders,ceo' two days back i got such an opportunity,because i got a chance to attend a presentation of a malaysian healthcare company's president.It is one of the fast growing networking company with range of products.i dint find anything much difference between he and an ordinary person,the major difference is that he's putting everything into act, his passion towards related industry,keeping his people ALWAYS motivated,(probably)being most playful person in his organization,care on his people wealth and customers need.After that interaction It seams really easier job to develop a world class organization if we put our action and mind towards the facts mentioned here about him!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Rulers are like a Chair with four legs

In scott adams today's post,"the single most important issue",he has written as energy policy might be the most important issue if he could go for a single issue.But i strongly oppose to give vote for this issue if we could..of course,energy policy might have influence with all other developments,moreover it may not be the major concern for a country like US and in recent technological development.Also we shouldn't throw our vote for a single issue,though that article may be for discussion or just like that.President or rulers are like a Chair with four legs,they might be Health care,Balancing the budget by allocating appropriate proposition of funds to various issues with balancing taxes,Crime, and education.If you ask me to give my vote for single issue,i will give it for Balancing budget,so that by allocating the resources or creating resources,a country will be in right path.At last the major issue for our India may not these four,but it could be a good leader.And this might be a great disgrace for a country with more than a billion people with lack of a leader who could take brave,bold and innovative(if not,simulating from better governments atleast) decisions!!