Friday, July 31, 2009

Travel, get inspired..

I can prove that the traveling is one of the best way to learn and get inspired. I realized this so early, since last one month i was busy on my usual things, now again i thought of re-starting my soul of vagabond. Before i start again i would like to share some of my experiences about travel.
A journey is an adventure, if you go with a group, that adventure will get lost its aesthetics, so better travel alone or with strangers. And wander the streets and experience the freedom of looking and getting inspired, also listen the taste, lifestyle, habits, food, from near or far.
Avoid going same places in same seasons. Some fools will get repeat their trips as if they get saturated with their pilgrimage.
Be open and hang out in local and multi-cultured bars. Of course, taste the blend or malt of the local drinks, and take long time to get drunken. Try to get speak with co drinkers, no one will worry/object what you 're speaking in that kinda travel places. Who knows, it pours some millions or billions in future.
Avoid going Museums, statues, historical places. You can see those things through some other means, or what might be the use of hanging over the hanged overs?
Don't buy too much which you should carry along with you and also don't try to watch all places or talk lots of people, nothing will be fulfilled. Be selective and seductive. If you are in long travel, then you can keep companion, but if its short, avoid companions, she might eat your brain along with your money.