Monday, March 30, 2009

3 P's 4.0

#All philosophies in this post are fictitiously fictitious, none of this resembles with my life#

Professional drinkers words at night: Today half, so tomorrow off...

Drinking in rounds:
1st, mix water or soda
2nd, less water
3rd, no water
4th, it's just water only...

If i ll drink whisky, i ll vomit this night,
If i ll drink beer, my wife ll vomit after three months.

An apple a day keeps doctor, diseases away,
A drink a day keeps everything away.

Drinkers Rhymes:Beer inside, poem outside.

Body is the only temple with all spirits in the world.

Polygraph is a lie detector,
Pablo's shot is a truth detector.

Q & A in single word: Brandy.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

3 P's 3.0*

Wedding is a treat for second hand acquirement.

Election special: Democracy is the government of the politicians, by the people, for the politicians.

Politics is for present, but politician families are eternity.

If two men agree on everything, you may be sure that one of them is doing the thinking,
If two women agree on everything, you may be sure each one of them is spoiling others thinking.

I am a success today because I never had a girl friend and i didn't show the mercy on girls.

Better wear a condom than being a servant and security life long.

Having sex is like playing Table tennis, if you don't have a good partner, you need a good single hand for playing in own board.

You know we're using only 10% of our brains, do you know where we keep our 90% brains? It's in opposite genders inner-wear!!

*All philosophies in this post are fictitiously fictitious, none of this resembles with my life.

Metamorphic Movies 4

Akira Kurosawa, a most admired human with silent film and modern art. Once he said, one of the techniques of modern art is simplification, and that I must therefore simplify my films. Words which any Creator should injects with his adrenalin. He is very famous for using weather elements for scenes mood and he could be much more influenced by artistic elements and a  perfectionist too.
 Rashomon, a movie which rewrites the views of world cinema in quality beyond budget, casting and making too, a worthy example for the extreme possibilities of  budget movies. Kurosawa worked closely with cast, and it's cinematographer Kazuo Miyagawa, gave great contribution of its perfection. 
Tamil cinema makers shanker and co. should re-think about their movie budget by watching Rashomon kinda movies, at least for the sake of producers fate. Rashomon gate, simply constructed Courtyard, and natural Woodland were the locations used throughout the movie. I say, it is a script beyond every essential ingredients of film making. Our great filmmaker(??)/actor/universal hero Kamal Hassan imitated the same formula in VIRUMAANDI, but by playing himself as a leading protagonist role desecrated the real/realistic output of the movie and of course, songs in virumaandi contributed as another plunder. Then Casting in rashomon, a woodcutter, Priest, Bandit, Samurai and his wife and a monk...presentation of each role shows Kurosawa's shrewdness. 88 minutes movie, presented as an art, without emotions, it always make us wonder and leads to  big dilemmas!
All about a widely varying four witness on an apparent (samurai's)murder, which includes the witnesses of  Woodcutter, Rapist bandit , samurai's wife and dead man-samurai himself...The views/witness/stories are mutually contradictory, leaving us for own conclusion, if any.  But it is a no non-sense movie, an intellectually narrated story with its own contradictory and flashback in flashbacks made this movie as the taste of Masala in Masala dosa. No need to write elaborately about this movie or its story, since everyone aware of this great creation, but i still admired and influenced with this art. And the reason i write about this movie is, it altered some of my molecules about movie making.

Suicide practice of a courageous soul

Courage, Courage under lost for life...Suicide practice..Bungee/Bungy jumping is perhaps one of the most thrilling sportsFalling from a height of over 200 feet (almost 23 to 25 storey building's height)and bunging up and down is only for those who have lost love for their life!  I lost...

It was more than a mere adventure, Pattaya Bungy Jump is located in Thepprasit road, a green scenery place, where it is surrounded with lakes, trees, Car tracks, buildings, farms...when i was watching all these, my head was bioscoping. But bungy jumping is nothing more than extension of your mental fitness limits, then i feel-ed. Jump master checked my weight, wrote something on some hand, on extreme excitement i forgot whatz going around me, later he explained me some blah, blah..i heard only monotone.

Then, final moments kissed me, crane started, cameras rolled...crane stopped at top, then me rolled!! Master took snaps, i managed with smile, again thinking, re-thinking, i asked "Like Bungy jump, is there any Monkey jumps? a bit easier than this?"...He laughed nicely, but i smiled under fire. It was just seconds before the jump and so many things going on in mind. whether to jump, or give up , or pray god for last desire and so on..but i dint give up, i decided, at any cost i should live this adventure. Then as he instructed, i decided  to jump without any second thought, after reaching the edge of the crane. Yes, I'm flying, lost life, love, lust, ambitions, soul...bunging up and down, cord works like a spring, stretches and retracs, at last my soul retained as a new one with courageous, landed with brave heart. I brought back with safe hands, on the sponge bed, i thanked the team and got bravery certificate. 

   The lure of bungee stands with free falling sensation that it produce.  But, before that i felt that rush of adrenalin when i got scared, and i felt the real thrill...Otha, What an experience!! 

Friday, March 27, 2009

Relax to Extreme...

Last week i went to Thailand. Since I'm a travel freak, i never miss chances if it is packed with some purpose. So i landed on Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport on 20th march early morning. Bangkok, though it was a highly urbanised, its soul of tradition is still alive. I heard that it has a nickname "Venice of east", apart from few canals around the city i dint find any symptoms like that, but city was fresh, everywhere new buildings, new roads, new-new- new...everything is new, from airport to public transport! I got refreshed with these new-'s, lost travel tiredness with this freshness, half day i finished my work, then relaxed in a beer bar for an hour, later i planned to enjoy and explore i planned to go Pattaya, almost 150km away from Bangkok, then i did not bother about anything...
Pattaya, its motto by Thai government is "relax to extreme". It's true. Basically it was a small fishing village till US-Vietnam war, on that time it was used for R&R(Rest and Recreation) by servicemen of southeast Asians and US force. After a small crises, now it become a world famous tourist destination. Rapid growth is visible wherever you enter in this place. After visiting this place, i told my friends like, if you ll do bad things in life, god will send you to Hell, if do good, you ll be send to Pattaya!

It gives an over-abundance of entertainment. Whole city is sleeping till evening, then life dawns after 7 pm...Then, I entered to heaven, Walking street, centre of Pattaya's night life, runs from beach road to Bali-hi pier, both entrances have arches and at night it is traffic-free, and costumes-free too. Hundreds of Beer bars, Massage parlours, go go bars, discotheques, strip pubs ,night clubs, Ping pong shows...I'm really confused now what to tell, from where to tell and of course how to tell. Lets put massages first, actually, Kerala should die in massages with Thailand, its wide range like Thai massage, Bum-bum massage, foot, face, body, etc.,etc., massages and pedicure and manicure too..if you want to do all those things, you need a week or more, then you will become weak. And very important show is Ping-pong shows, where women using their pelvic muscles to either hold or blow some objects like pens, cigarettes, candles, soda bottles, whistles, eggs, strings, dart, etc.,from their vaginal beginning i was wondered and enjoyed, later i felt very disgusting and left with embarrassment for the way they're hurting themselves, totally a heaven and hell all at once. From this incident i decided Thailand is a Toyland, since it's using women as toys.

Then next day i went to Islands, like Ko Lan(Coral island) and Mu Ko Phai enough of beaches, water sports(skeing, snorkling, etc.,)...later bungee jumping, Malls, variety of hotels, beach resorts with international dinning experiences, all with a rave, raucous and naughty night life.
After two days i returned to Bangkok, then i enjoyed its core special Wat pho budhha temple, pubs, restaurants, shopping and then packing. At last i guess, it was a challenging and a must feel cultural experience for everyone and forever.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3 P's 2.0*

Love without brain is called Marriage.

A Professionals sex: Week-ends starts with front-end, for another some with back-end, then at the end, a weak-end..but in reality,ends will change.

Abnormality is Normal for Human.

Common man have 2 choices: Luck or Fate.

Girls are fools, till they get fucked

Three universal languages: Music, Prostitute's, Drinker's.

Three universal things: Sex, Dollar, Love.

In Art, Practice makes perfect,
In Sex, Practice makes pregnancy.

*All philosophies in this post are fictitiously fictitious, none of this resembles with my life.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3 P's 1.0*

Philosophy, is a rational investigation of questions about existence, truth, art, knowledge and ethics...and it's a reason with equanimity. Moreover, it's result of thinking, but thinking was my first error, here is the result of re-thinking...
My first error was thinking; Now, I’m re-thinking.

Masturbation is like competing independently in elections, standing and fighting between two opposite fronts.

Contemporary KG lessons: ABCDEFGH: A Boy Can Do Enything For Girls Holes.
(Thanks vikram for changing heels as holes)

Every female has a built-in reusable coin booth, they can call anyone at anytime for anything.

Politics is an art of promise, so you can try different range of promises.

Missed calls are Blissed calls by Kissed girls.

Philosophy: Begins with mocking, ends with intelligence.

Delay is the easiest tool to Deny.

Passive smokers has increased risk over active smokers, so be active...

Womanizers quote: Nudity is surety for fraud-ity.

*All philosophies in this post are fictitiously fictitious, none of this resembles with my life.
...I hope 3 P's(Peak of PRC Philosophies) series will be an art with the knot of great thoughts.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Delay is sometimes better...!

No one likes delay, but sometimes its good too. Two days back after writing Metamorphic movies 3, one of my friends said some valid points on my critic, some of them i thought previously, some of them i dint think. From that i came to know that it's harm to criticise spontaneously, not always, but almost. So i rechecked my critics by re-viewing that movie again, then  i decided he was correct. So the juice is, it is better if you ll Think, and it is best if you ll re-think.

So for re-thinking, i watched some movies again, which i had beed criticised, on that mission i noted the way Danny Boyle had showed Daraavi slum inside-out in "O SAYAA" song on slumdog millinore,which i had missed few things to write in my previous post "Why rahman and slumdog?", actually he started with cricket craziness in India as well as slum like the way we play in our school days as without bothering about the place...,then policemen  chasing those little slumdogs, then camera moved nuke and corner of the slum, through this he presents soul roots of not only jamal brothers, but its all about an another India, which we're trying to avoid to face its life and pain,  and wherever the camera goes, slums drainage will follows, is again a beautiful-ugly poetry...then wastage mountains, some people searching something on that wastes.., finally Dada-ism, another disgrace of India, if you will notice that Dada's car number plate, 3450, a fancy number, what the maker trying to mean is clearly showed. What a song with wonderful music(AR's voice and Lady rap singer too), and often Camera's top view picturization and low angle shots with perfect editing..flawless!! I was totally inarticulate by the way the maker had created this song.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Metamorphic Movies 3

The Piano teacher,  good example for a protagonist crafted by its emotions, and it is used as a subject, instead of an object.  In Tamil, i say, Paruthiveeran.  Former one shows frustration out of sexual perversion, but later one shows the celebration of a brash third rated human. Though these two movies have no single similarities, the creation of character has turned these movies into a classic one, but both in different extremities. But, the true impact comes from the performances in both movies. These are kinda movies, protagonist should be razor sharp in expressions/emotions. Though, the scene is like this, Intense in Piano teacher is more for character(ization), but in paruthiveeran, for narrativeness as well. In Piano teacher, Isabelle Huppert belittles every student for their imperfection(by looking through window), then her voyeurism, fighting with her mom, her desire, in self denial,esp. in loneliness(must watch)...each and every scene her expressions are flawless, that we can read her thinking's like a mind reader, moreover everything done with her face expressions itself, awesome!!  Director captures the previous stage perversion like no one did before(in my knowledge).
Even it's no hard to show desire or perversion, but maker played in between those two! Its all a melodrama of humans compromise and not being compromised. If she ll not compromise, or lately, will feel the impact forever. 
 Actually, Huppert, an old pervert sacrificed everything to art and her mom, then ends up in love with her student, Magimel, who seduces her, but she doesn't want to be seduced, so she takes control of everything, so everytime he makes a move to advance she backs off.  Totally its all about control and lose of control, she wants to be loved not seduced. First, she controls herself, then her lover, later she loses control of him, so she. At one stage because of her dominance their love spoils, then she gets more and more desperate, but because of her sickness, her nature, her lose of control through her control, her non-compromising nature, her dominance, her influence of male attribution...she lost her love. Though its hard to see this kinda human, we wouldn't raise a question in a single nuance, because of its characterization, this has more significance for its acclamation. 
Then paruthiveeran, instead of frustration, celebration of character has more significance. Movies environment is rendered with its ethnicity, whatever it may be, like in language, habits, thoughts, activities, music(an appropriate music for its culture, Indian filmmakers should learn from this movie for music and business of inter-layering songs).
At last, these are the movies must watch to create an artful and non deceptive character.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Metamorphic Movies 2

Cinema Paradiso, an Italian movie written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore.My all time favourite.Famous film director Salvatore returns home late, where his girlfriend tells him that his mother called him that Alfredo has died.  As she asks him about Alfredo, he rewinds his life with some kinda guiltiness and he's back to his childhood. 
Then,we meet Salvatore, highly mischievous son of a war widow. Six-year-old Salvatore, whose nickname is Toto,  he loves films early and spends his pass time in the local cinema,Cinema Paradiso, where he have friendship with the projectionist, Alfredo, who offers him to watch movies in the projection room. Eventually he teaches Salvatore how to operate the film projector. Then disaster starts as the movie house catches fire,coz' of highly inflammable films in those days. So Alfredo lost his eye sight in that accident. The Cinema Paradiso is rebuilt again,Salvatore, though a small child, is almost hired as a projectionist, as he is the only one who knows operating films and projection machines after Alfredo.Then the film goes after few years and so. Salvatore, as a high school student, is still a projectionist and he often seeks advice Alfredo,  then Salvatore meets a new girl called Elena, daughter of a wealthy man. But Elena's father have disapproval with their love. As Elena and her family move away, Salvatore leaves town to serve his compulsory military service. He attempts to write her constantly and keep in touch, but his letters were undelivered. After his return from the military, Alfredo intrigue Salvatore to move away for something big to achieve coz' of his intelligence, counsel him that  he can do better if go to city,and ask him to dedicate in better way and never look back past, even never write or think about him or Elena. Alfredo make Salvatore's destiny as he granted and without the knowledge of Salvatore, he avoids Elena. 
 Movie goes like this,Salvatore obeys Alfredo...then cut to present Alfredo,famous filmmaker, returning home for the first time since he left to attend the funeral in his home town, Giancaldo, Sicily, after 30 years.Town  changes greatly, streets, buildings, people, life and life style.Now Salvatore knows the insight value of the words of  Alfredo.  And his mom tell him that Alfredo had great proud and pride with his success. Then  Salvatore goes to cinema paradiso,when the cinema waits for destruction, then he finds some unlabeled film roles, then Salvatore returns to Rome with that film roles, is a montage of movie kisses , footage's cutted by Alfredo on his childhood, ordered by a local priest, as censored ones.  Salvatore is now watching with tears beside the fire which given by Alfredo...this makes my tears to reach my feet!! 

A must see movie for every one, what a feel it gives....i was totally inarticulate after watching this movie. There it tends me to watch this kinda classics. Before this one,i never had interest to watch this kinda FEEL-a  movies,but this made me to catch how  to create a classic with its basics and interlard-underlayerd components of human feelings.Apart from this i don't need to write about the technical perfection and percussion of this movie,whole-world acclaimed this classic.

Though its hard to write(for me) like this kinda full story, i love this movie as it is near to my soul. But from next MM(metamorphic movies), it ll be a precisely critical judgement.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Metamorphic Movies

In the name of Metamorphic Movies, im gonna write about the movies that have changed my life and view of filmmaKING.  Filmmaking,can be a fine art, or not, but i love it, as Robert Altman said filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.  Dont know since my childhood days, my aspirations were changing time-2-time, so i never keep my words on aspirations.  Its not coz' that i gave up, but coz' of im fine tunning myself. From each and every stage i can make a movie, since my first day in school.  The way i cried on first day of school was a poetry, then parents, and then with friends, they are twists and turns, keep on changing, some of them stay till climax as a main character or villan or supporting one.  Lots of experiences, people, travels, education, environment, love, lust, mistakes, encourage, dis(courage), thoughts, memories, curiosity, atrocity, news, in teastalls, etc., everything has its own story and life to live.  Though we get raw materials, we need a system to make a real product, that product may be a result of immitation or commutation or demand or love or passion, or whatever, the product is important.  So here im gonna give my favourite products, which i admired mostly, and in frequently!

Friday, March 06, 2009

And then they came for me...

I had read 'will',but never read a WILL STATEMENT... this statement shows the willed(?) and intended war activities between sri lankan govt. and tigers..also it declares a genuine and practical solution inside.A statement by the Sunday leader's courageous chief editor Lasantha wickramasinghe,who was brutaly assassinated on the next day of this statement...every tamil and sinhalese(or their government) must read this...
படிப்பவர்களையும்,பாதிக்கப்பட்டவர்களையும்,ஏன் பாதிபடயவைத்தவர்களையும் கூட உலுக்கும் ஒரு மரண சாசனம்யின் ஈடு இணை இல்லா பத்திரிகையாளர்,லசந்த விக்ரமதுங்கவின் மரண சாசனம்...இது மரண வாக்குமூலம் மட்டுமல்ல,தமிழ் மக்களுக்கு கிடைக்க வேண்டிய உரிமைக்குண்டான இறுதி வாக்குமூலம் கூட...