Thursday, March 12, 2009

Delay is sometimes better...!

No one likes delay, but sometimes its good too. Two days back after writing Metamorphic movies 3, one of my friends said some valid points on my critic, some of them i thought previously, some of them i dint think. From that i came to know that it's harm to criticise spontaneously, not always, but almost. So i rechecked my critics by re-viewing that movie again, then  i decided he was correct. So the juice is, it is better if you ll Think, and it is best if you ll re-think.

So for re-thinking, i watched some movies again, which i had beed criticised, on that mission i noted the way Danny Boyle had showed Daraavi slum inside-out in "O SAYAA" song on slumdog millinore,which i had missed few things to write in my previous post "Why rahman and slumdog?", actually he started with cricket craziness in India as well as slum like the way we play in our school days as without bothering about the place...,then policemen  chasing those little slumdogs, then camera moved nuke and corner of the slum, through this he presents soul roots of not only jamal brothers, but its all about an another India, which we're trying to avoid to face its life and pain,  and wherever the camera goes, slums drainage will follows, is again a beautiful-ugly poetry...then wastage mountains, some people searching something on that wastes.., finally Dada-ism, another disgrace of India, if you will notice that Dada's car number plate, 3450, a fancy number, what the maker trying to mean is clearly showed. What a song with wonderful music(AR's voice and Lady rap singer too), and often Camera's top view picturization and low angle shots with perfect editing..flawless!! I was totally inarticulate by the way the maker had created this song.

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