Sunday, March 08, 2009

Metamorphic Movies 2

Cinema Paradiso, an Italian movie written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore.My all time favourite.Famous film director Salvatore returns home late, where his girlfriend tells him that his mother called him that Alfredo has died.  As she asks him about Alfredo, he rewinds his life with some kinda guiltiness and he's back to his childhood. 
Then,we meet Salvatore, highly mischievous son of a war widow. Six-year-old Salvatore, whose nickname is Toto,  he loves films early and spends his pass time in the local cinema,Cinema Paradiso, where he have friendship with the projectionist, Alfredo, who offers him to watch movies in the projection room. Eventually he teaches Salvatore how to operate the film projector. Then disaster starts as the movie house catches fire,coz' of highly inflammable films in those days. So Alfredo lost his eye sight in that accident. The Cinema Paradiso is rebuilt again,Salvatore, though a small child, is almost hired as a projectionist, as he is the only one who knows operating films and projection machines after Alfredo.Then the film goes after few years and so. Salvatore, as a high school student, is still a projectionist and he often seeks advice Alfredo,  then Salvatore meets a new girl called Elena, daughter of a wealthy man. But Elena's father have disapproval with their love. As Elena and her family move away, Salvatore leaves town to serve his compulsory military service. He attempts to write her constantly and keep in touch, but his letters were undelivered. After his return from the military, Alfredo intrigue Salvatore to move away for something big to achieve coz' of his intelligence, counsel him that  he can do better if go to city,and ask him to dedicate in better way and never look back past, even never write or think about him or Elena. Alfredo make Salvatore's destiny as he granted and without the knowledge of Salvatore, he avoids Elena. 
 Movie goes like this,Salvatore obeys Alfredo...then cut to present Alfredo,famous filmmaker, returning home for the first time since he left to attend the funeral in his home town, Giancaldo, Sicily, after 30 years.Town  changes greatly, streets, buildings, people, life and life style.Now Salvatore knows the insight value of the words of  Alfredo.  And his mom tell him that Alfredo had great proud and pride with his success. Then  Salvatore goes to cinema paradiso,when the cinema waits for destruction, then he finds some unlabeled film roles, then Salvatore returns to Rome with that film roles, is a montage of movie kisses , footage's cutted by Alfredo on his childhood, ordered by a local priest, as censored ones.  Salvatore is now watching with tears beside the fire which given by Alfredo...this makes my tears to reach my feet!! 

A must see movie for every one, what a feel it gives....i was totally inarticulate after watching this movie. There it tends me to watch this kinda classics. Before this one,i never had interest to watch this kinda FEEL-a  movies,but this made me to catch how  to create a classic with its basics and interlard-underlayerd components of human feelings.Apart from this i don't need to write about the technical perfection and percussion of this movie,whole-world acclaimed this classic.

Though its hard to write(for me) like this kinda full story, i love this movie as it is near to my soul. But from next MM(metamorphic movies), it ll be a precisely critical judgement.

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