Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3 P's 1.0*

Philosophy, is a rational investigation of questions about existence, truth, art, knowledge and ethics...and it's a reason with equanimity. Moreover, it's result of thinking, but thinking was my first error, here is the result of re-thinking...
My first error was thinking; Now, I’m re-thinking.

Masturbation is like competing independently in elections, standing and fighting between two opposite fronts.

Contemporary KG lessons: ABCDEFGH: A Boy Can Do Enything For Girls Holes.
(Thanks vikram for changing heels as holes)

Every female has a built-in reusable coin booth, they can call anyone at anytime for anything.

Politics is an art of promise, so you can try different range of promises.

Missed calls are Blissed calls by Kissed girls.

Philosophy: Begins with mocking, ends with intelligence.

Delay is the easiest tool to Deny.

Passive smokers has increased risk over active smokers, so be active...

Womanizers quote: Nudity is surety for fraud-ity.

*All philosophies in this post are fictitiously fictitious, none of this resembles with my life.
...I hope 3 P's(Peak of PRC Philosophies) series will be an art with the knot of great thoughts.


Anonymous said...

So bad that u have a very mean opinion about girls!.Shocking!!

PRC said...

Its juz for fun...nothing more than that...