Thursday, June 14, 2007

Politics is essential for leadership

What makes an organization more effective?
Is there any creative idea?Definitly....but it may not be an innovative,but i feel it ll help till some extent.Actually one of my friends was discussing about to increase his organization performance.Finally our discussion ended up in vain.
After carefully involving with his organization,my mind was seeking for a creative idea.As an extension of this search,it concludes that implementing POLITICS in organization.Yes,i mean that exactly.Definitly i can say that most of the times developement is a result of 'active politics'.
"Political skill is a key component of effective leadership. By avoiding or ignoring workplace politics, you are limiting yourself and your organization." Ferris, a management and psychology professor at Florida State University and co-author of Political Skill at Work.So it is time to re-think your idea of politics.Politics goes on in all organizations and has forever.
Fine,If politics is a good for an organization,then why does it have such a bad connotation?
Most of the people thinking politics as a system provides advantage to them and dis-advantage to others.We need to change our understanding of politics and search that what benefits the individual may provide good for others and the organization overall.Core competence is not just about ability of performance in operations; it is tied to various issues, including the way people position themselves,communication flow, and their interpersonal behavior.So politics is about understanding how to emphasize yours and others skills, behaviors and qualities to be effective; it's about adapting.It's not about doing something that is false or being trustworth-less. Leaders need to be able to exert influence in a manner that does not appear or feel manipulative.

Monday, June 04, 2007


At present i am working for a company to establish its brand identity.while working on this project i came to know that brand is not merely a name, logo, slogan, and design...not exactly.There are some few things beyond these...Then what is brand?How can one develop brand?Here are some attributes to add the ocean 'branding'...
1.Product line
Leaders can sometimes get away with marketing a broad line of products and services, especially if they have a powerful brand name like Sony,General Electric.What should others focus on?If you are not a Jack-of-all-trades,focus on what you are very strong.That create a brand image.According to Al Ries and Laura Ries,this is called Law of Contraction.

2.Company name
Try to make company name is a unique and different name. Furthermore it has chance to communicate with customers.It's better if it gives some message about your product or service.

3.Attribute of the product
To build a powerful brand, you need to stand for something in the prospect’s mind.
For example,if you see cars
Toyota means reliable,
Lexus for luxury,
Volvo for safety,
BMW for driving and
Mercedes-Benz for prestige..
So,What should your product mean?
Something,yes,Something should be there in your product which is not available with others or competitors.That is jack-of-all-trades,master in some.

Mere advertising never creates a brand.But advertising maintain brand leader in the No.1 or its existing position.If you are a No.1 brand, consumer behavior shows people will continue to choose your brand over anything else.

5.Public relations
PR used to come after branding,was HISTORY.But nowadays you never create a brand without knowing its publicity.So if you want to create a publicity,would be easily possible if you are an innovator,You must make/create a new path.