Saturday, June 27, 2009

No Fun

I'm trying hard to write some articles, but its harder to get time in these few days like before. One of them is about King of pop's death...But, nobody seems to believe Michael Jackson's shockingly short death, coz' his 'History' is like that. However his music ll live forever. What so sad here is, the specific cause of his death is yet to be find out!!
Another one is about 'Naadodigal' movie review. Its not because that it will give a new dimension to commercial cinema, but each and every scene in this movie created such an applause among the audiences. I've never seen such an acclamation in recent movies. This movie has lots of lessons for super stars and super directors.
And wanna write about futile Indian music culture. Actually, I'm running out of time now, since i need to finish off some very important works...till then, no fun.


Awesome movie, and wait for a day for its review..Now im going to sleep with the satisfaction of watching good tamil movie after long time!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blend is a trend..

In my last post, Mr.Anonymous said as that my thoughts are open as well as occidental and oriental. Exactly he is right. But in reality, the terms called occidental and oriental are an idea of antediluvian. In this hasty globalization era, everything from food, music, sex, culture, lifestyle, fashion has influenced each from the other. So there is a great need for blend. It also becomes a trend. Same way my thoughts and activities too has these blended elements. Its an intrinsic way of life. Nobody would infringe this evolution.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Metamorphic Movies 6 (Kim-ki-duk)

Cruelty/disturbing/idiosyncrasies/hatred aesthetics are the mother of Kim-Ki-Duk, a rare breed Korean film maker...Does contextual things are essential for an art? He says no, never..a real spoiler of contextual film making! I never seen such kinda film before his films...such an aesthetic art his movies are.. His movies are real cult among rough cuts. And his movies may be in Korean language, but it ll disturb even an uneducated tribe! His plots are unimaginable, and his making makes waves inside your veins.
I had seen some of his movies, every movies drag you towards his other movies to watch, such an artistic touch. Majority of his movies dialogues are around 20 minutes, but the way he had used the non-verbal language is forever hurts you. Kim-ki-duk is a real idiosyncratic or eccentricity movie maker. Once you watch his movie, you can tell his another movie as Kim's movie without seeing title card. His movies are not only shows the beauty, moreover it shows the ugly side of the beauty! He never cheat his own passion like other filmmakers, by giving place for some restrictions with external factors of film making.
The first movie i watched was "Spring, summer, fall, winter and spring", all about a Buddhist monk's life from childhood to old age through five seasons as five segments on a floating boat monastery. A life cycle from spring to spring with contemplative approach.
Another movie called "The Isle", a troublesome love among a prostitute and her customer on fishing resort. I say its an authentic aesthetics of cruelty. Consciously concerned with metaphysical approach.
Then "3-iron", another love story about a strange drifter and battered wife. What makes me wonder is there was no dialogues between these two till end of the movie.

Almost and always his protagonist speaks less or nothing, may be because in somehow or someway they're wounded deeply inside. An aesthetics of violence in silent way. Besides these things what really impress me in his movies is that he always making movies with some confrontation of questions among the audiences. Moreover he never wants economic success by killing artistic touch. Likewise i can write about his movies address unknown, Time, Bad guy and so...but what resists me is, the curiosity on his other movies in my collection!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Existential Philosophy

Before i start, i accept that im not much a multi-cultured or sometimes not even a cultured one. Moreover im writing only with a mere perception on how i see the world of people, culture, art, society, fun, insane, sin and all. So it may be wrong if i try to talk about "existentialism", but in my view its a form of philosophy, its roots are found in some blah-blah-blah philosophists, and its not about a social conflict instead full of individual own sickness rather it suggests that the remedy for this sickness has in its ownself. Furthermore its all about authenticity, be aware of yourself. At last, its about confronting the truth and right/wrong and insane. Existentialism is very nearer to our eastern philosophy which seeks past own experiences to shape the present, otherwise, an inner world dependent. Western deals with outer world or much towards rationality and materialistic. Besides 'Existentialism' denies religion, but Eastern philosophy has robust bond with religion. So, i hope now that anonymous' doubt has been cleared. By the way Mr.Anonymous, its easy to raise questions, but you dont know how hard i tried to make this 'e'ism' as very simple and crisp, that too for my knowledge.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

ஒரு படத்தினால் வந்த இன்னொரு படம்!

ஹீ ஹீ...இப்படியும் சிலர் இருக்கத்தானே செய்கிறார்கள். இரவு ஒரு ஒரு மணியளவில் படம் பார்த்துவிட்டு வீடு திரும்புகையில், என்னை திருப்பிய  ஒரு காட்சி! be civilized!

Is superior ideology of a dominant society is the cause for genocide? or racial inferior of revolutionaries itself? Then were does Sri lankan democratic government starts to involve with this genocide? a hybrid genocide? autogenocide? Is too much of power in too few hands is the reason? Paradoxically, I'm totally horrified and confused about this term 'Genocide'. However, Genocide is a crime under International law! But, this International law is for civilized world, but world is not civilized yet!?... Then who will care about this brutal genocide? 
No one, till each and every human will become xenophobic, and then last human can claim "Genocide is a crime under International law" firmly. Till then we can give statements, write, read, discuss or even publish books like government or organisation is going to stop this, unless that these set-ups have some kinda purposes. So at last the successful exhaust-ers are both superiors and inferiors! 

Monday, June 08, 2009

No more couch potato

Film making is an art, not an absolute spontaneous one. Its one of the well organised pre-planned art. Which has enough room to re-think and re-imagine. Though it involves lot of human work, as our population, India's creating worlds large number of movies in a year, but a very few movies are in world standard. Out of all industries, the technical think tank in movie making is in the level of appreciable. The package is well, but products taste is awful. Operation success, patient dead! what might be the reason for this flawed culture/period reflective creations? actually movies are one or only art which reflects the life exactly in that periods, people, style, fashion, cultural and habitual nuances, etc..Does our movies do this? Not necessarily it should reflect so-so's, but it has the responsibility to replicate those things and also there are much more hidden entertainments in the mirror of peoples currents life. There we're lagging still. The omnipresence of movie art in traditional and contemporary society is surely a hallmark in any period. Movies, literature, music, travel is always gives an on-going experience for me, it's a kinda existentialism, coz' it has its own aesthetics in itself. But no movie has this existentialism in current celluloid scenario. Here, i like to mention the meaning of OSHO, it has a strange meaning(courtesy:saravanan), like we have the word 'experience', do we have any word for experiencer? that is called OSHO in Sanskrit. So each and every audience should be an osho, an experiencer.Moreover, movies should be a life, an on-going experience. Present movies are like monkey jumping, each and every sequence/scenes are quite chunky, there is no continuity, in one scene the characters are speaking in some remote village, then the next scene they're singing and dancing in Swiss. This is a simple example, i can say lots of nuances like this.
In this case, Kim ki-duk, Steven soderberg(except ocean's series), Ameer(Raam and paruthiveeran(more or less or otherwise in tamil film industry)),krzysztof kieslowski are the rare case in film making, who doesn't look its ingredient outside from the plot. Movies are like poem, and that poem should be like
Come with us hand in hand
Join us in play and joyous dance
awaken from your dream of worldly worries
now light as a feather
as graceful as autumn leaves falling
hear the child calling
~Idunna Elemiah
or in my words it should be slightly hungry, slightly cold or if i ll put it very simple, or may be like a drizzling or a feel after nightmare, or even it can be like the feel of an accidental death of a stranger who was speaking with you just few minutes back on roadside. If they do this, Indians are no longer been a couch potato.
(to be continued..)

Counter objection 2

I totaly disgree to your view here, getting hallucinated and intoxicated is no way being non-slavish ("democratic" ).
And Oh my God, where did you come up with that?. So bad that you are recommending public and social drinking!!. Come on think useful and think selfless!!!
-again Mr.Saravanan make me to give a counter objection.

C.O: No, wrongly you understood..actually i told like after drinking, how the people are acting like? as very confident and, in subconcious that attributes are still there..then, why dont be like that without drinking? thats what my question on that post..and this kinda existentialism is still there in themselves, but why people are not practicing it?? the way i dint try to make any prejudice of drinking itself has some social welfare like that.

A Counter Objection

Liquor and drinking shops certainly not represents real people's democracy, its actually the real villain ruining people's lives and family!!
-Saravanan's comment on my fLAW makers post.

Actually Liquor shops in india may ruin people's lives and family, but people here never takes it as health issue, rather it involves an intellectual issue. When the period our people got introduced drinks, they dint think drinking as a leisure activity, instead they had taken it as a pain killer. Indians are basically great hard workers, so they needed some channel to get rid off physical pain, was the first nuance drinking becomes democratic. Then they became intellectual slaves, here they need some thing to reduce intellectual pain(burden), it results liquor barons in India become icon of India(Vijay Mallya, Rajya sabha MP). It's out of their inability and ailment. Moreover liquor shops are the only place where our people feel the real democracy and its rights as well as you called non-slavish things exists! If you wont belive, just be in liquor shops for an hour in peak time, then you find the feel of how our people are non slavish as well as the dreams of each and every belittled soul in their intellectual way. Also its a place where you can find the fourth and third world people too has the attribute of socialising. And there it shows that people still have confident and beliefs(only) in some good things in their subconcious.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

பாதி காதல் பாதி முத்தம் போதாது போதாது போடா...

A real vocal and musical Fusion...that's what i say after listening the song "பாதி காதல் பாதி முத்தம் போதாது போதாது போடா..." from "மோதி விளையாடு" (modhi vilayadu), latest album from Hariharan and Leslie lewis. Beautiful experiment as well as an experience to listen. It has both carnatic(bombay jeyashree) and western(sunitha) blend, also its lyrics too enhance the joyance...musical வாத்சாயனம். In fact, i would say this is like smoking cigarette while drinking beer and the lyrics is like an ice cream after these two..and it would be Hari and leslie's hot stuff fun feel.
Bonus Track: Other songs in this album are crappy!