Monday, June 08, 2009

Counter objection 2

I totaly disgree to your view here, getting hallucinated and intoxicated is no way being non-slavish ("democratic" ).
And Oh my God, where did you come up with that?. So bad that you are recommending public and social drinking!!. Come on think useful and think selfless!!!
-again Mr.Saravanan make me to give a counter objection.

C.O: No, wrongly you understood..actually i told like after drinking, how the people are acting like? as very confident and, in subconcious that attributes are still there..then, why dont be like that without drinking? thats what my question on that post..and this kinda existentialism is still there in themselves, but why people are not practicing it?? the way i dint try to make any prejudice of drinking itself has some social welfare like that.


Anonymous said...

I dont even think for a moment, drunken people are acting in a very confident or being non-slavish!!.

You have taken for granted that some of the strange acts that they make to be in a confident or non-slavish way, but I dont buy that argument!!!.

PS: "Drinking and Smoking even in private is injurious to everyone's health"
Jai Hind.

Anonymous said...

You keep talking about existentialism, can you telme what is existentialist philosophy means?

PRC said...

nice question bro, i ll come to ur way this night..hmm

gnubie said...

I exist therefor I am. this is in western philosohy. Tat vam asi this is eastern philosophy.