Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Existential Philosophy

Before i start, i accept that im not much a multi-cultured or sometimes not even a cultured one. Moreover im writing only with a mere perception on how i see the world of people, culture, art, society, fun, insane, sin and all. So it may be wrong if i try to talk about "existentialism", but in my view its a form of philosophy, its roots are found in some blah-blah-blah philosophists, and its not about a social conflict instead full of individual own sickness rather it suggests that the remedy for this sickness has in its ownself. Furthermore its all about authenticity, be aware of yourself. At last, its about confronting the truth and right/wrong and insane. Existentialism is very nearer to our eastern philosophy which seeks past own experiences to shape the present, otherwise, an inner world dependent. Western deals with outer world or much towards rationality and materialistic. Besides 'Existentialism' denies religion, but Eastern philosophy has robust bond with religion. So, i hope now that anonymous' doubt has been cleared. By the way Mr.Anonymous, its easy to raise questions, but you dont know how hard i tried to make this 'e'ism' as very simple and crisp, that too for my knowledge.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahaha, On a lighter note Mr.Overpassionate, or rather Mr.Overdeliverer!! I should say, if yourself are not really sure about a theme or subject why bother to talk about it rather you want to court controversy, trouble and along with that some attention!!.

Someone once said, Existentialism in layman terms is "What's the sound when you clap in one hand?."
"Its something what one ear can hear!!."

I really wonder why the world has to live up with some "-ishm"!!!.

Vazhga Swadeshiam,
Vazhga Valamudan

PRC said...

of course, i accepted this in first two lines of this post..but, its very difficult for my kinda ordinary person to understand or get knowledged on all themes/philosophies/activities/etc..but here i always try to project on whatz out of my view(it may not be a fact) on some-any-thing..and i belive in 'known is drop..'..so you have all rights to persecute...ha haa

PRC said...

eppadio namma weakness-a kandupudchu-draanga...hmm

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I didnt meant to offend you nor am I kidding with you on that but really enaku ungitta peduchathey indha "arava kolaru" dhan pa, its what make us get along and keep it going without the usual "junk talks - aracha mama/saraka arapoma" which is widely prevalent not only in our third world cinema but in real life relations too!.

Hmm, its not neccesarily have to be a weakness Ravi, if one develop the ability to utilize 'it' in a useful way (anything meant "achievement" in true sense is only when that achievement is useful for other people!.)