Saturday, June 13, 2009 be civilized!

Is superior ideology of a dominant society is the cause for genocide? or racial inferior of revolutionaries itself? Then were does Sri lankan democratic government starts to involve with this genocide? a hybrid genocide? autogenocide? Is too much of power in too few hands is the reason? Paradoxically, I'm totally horrified and confused about this term 'Genocide'. However, Genocide is a crime under International law! But, this International law is for civilized world, but world is not civilized yet!?... Then who will care about this brutal genocide? 
No one, till each and every human will become xenophobic, and then last human can claim "Genocide is a crime under International law" firmly. Till then we can give statements, write, read, discuss or even publish books like government or organisation is going to stop this, unless that these set-ups have some kinda purposes. So at last the successful exhaust-ers are both superiors and inferiors! 

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Anonymous said...

Well, what does your "Driven by own ideology" says???