Saturday, June 27, 2009

No Fun

I'm trying hard to write some articles, but its harder to get time in these few days like before. One of them is about King of pop's death...But, nobody seems to believe Michael Jackson's shockingly short death, coz' his 'History' is like that. However his music ll live forever. What so sad here is, the specific cause of his death is yet to be find out!!
Another one is about 'Naadodigal' movie review. Its not because that it will give a new dimension to commercial cinema, but each and every scene in this movie created such an applause among the audiences. I've never seen such an acclamation in recent movies. This movie has lots of lessons for super stars and super directors.
And wanna write about futile Indian music culture. Actually, I'm running out of time now, since i need to finish off some very important works...till then, no fun.


Anonymous said...

Waiting to see the complete picture!

Anonymous said...

"Enna pa ala kannom?."