Saturday, June 06, 2009

பாதி காதல் பாதி முத்தம் போதாது போதாது போடா...

A real vocal and musical Fusion...that's what i say after listening the song "பாதி காதல் பாதி முத்தம் போதாது போதாது போடா..." from "மோதி விளையாடு" (modhi vilayadu), latest album from Hariharan and Leslie lewis. Beautiful experiment as well as an experience to listen. It has both carnatic(bombay jeyashree) and western(sunitha) blend, also its lyrics too enhance the joyance...musical வாத்சாயனம். In fact, i would say this is like smoking cigarette while drinking beer and the lyrics is like an ice cream after these two..and it would be Hari and leslie's hot stuff fun feel.
Bonus Track: Other songs in this album are crappy!

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