Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 2 2008...!

New is always special,it may be anything from life to wife.So let we take and make this NEW year as a special one than previous year.We hope and shape this year as we wish.Finally, I'm glad you're reading this post and blog,and it's my great pleasure to wish you a very happy and wonderful New year!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

CEO's secrets

It is really an inspirational moment if u meet a founder of big or successful organizations,again it is stimulating if u ll get chance to attend a presentation of such kinda founders,ceo' two days back i got such an opportunity,because i got a chance to attend a presentation of a malaysian healthcare company's president.It is one of the fast growing networking company with range of products.i dint find anything much difference between he and an ordinary person,the major difference is that he's putting everything into act, his passion towards related industry,keeping his people ALWAYS motivated,(probably)being most playful person in his organization,care on his people wealth and customers need.After that interaction It seams really easier job to develop a world class organization if we put our action and mind towards the facts mentioned here about him!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Rulers are like a Chair with four legs

In scott adams today's post,"the single most important issue",he has written as energy policy might be the most important issue if he could go for a single issue.But i strongly oppose to give vote for this issue if we could..of course,energy policy might have influence with all other developments,moreover it may not be the major concern for a country like US and in recent technological development.Also we shouldn't throw our vote for a single issue,though that article may be for discussion or just like that.President or rulers are like a Chair with four legs,they might be Health care,Balancing the budget by allocating appropriate proposition of funds to various issues with balancing taxes,Crime, and education.If you ask me to give my vote for single issue,i will give it for Balancing budget,so that by allocating the resources or creating resources,a country will be in right path.At last the major issue for our India may not these four,but it could be a good leader.And this might be a great disgrace for a country with more than a billion people with lack of a leader who could take brave,bold and innovative(if not,simulating from better governments atleast) decisions!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Strong rupee:Boon or Debacle?

There may be a n-number of reasons for the appreciating rupee,but they are well known and have been discussed by economists and analysts extensively.But what may be the impact on Exports?Exchange rate is only one of the variables influencing the export performance of a country,others might be manufacturing cost,quality of products, delivery schedules and brand.Some of the big software companies started to negotiate with its foreign clients for compensation.But in textile sector,many of the Knitwear manufacturing companies discussing to shift to deal in euros instead of dollars.A rising rupee is also expected to attract more foreign direct investment to India apart from keeping inflation and interest rates down,but in any way it may not help for outsourcing organizations. This should help the manufacturing sector to maintain the tempo of new investments and productivity improvements.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Finally a dream FINAL!

Nothing is more than cricket in India,because it's India's religion.After its earleir chuck out in last ODI world cup,India is in world cup finals very soon,that too with its arch-rival pakistan!!...what a dream run for indian cricket!We know that Indian team is an easiest team to predict,our teams motto is as simple as "more expectation,less fulfillment",no longer it seams to be true.yes,last night after semi finals with australia,indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni said his mantra,"Play without pressure, play to enjoy the game, express yourself, and don't worry about the results" That has been the desperate need for team India since long long period ago.After these days,now individual does not matter any more as team system has taken over them.So,as Dhoni's way,"let us see our team without pressure,enjoy the game ,express ourself,don't worry about results" Indeed,it's a witness for why does the game of cricket drive 1.2 billion people into a state of frenzy?
And what is an important impact of rich man's game in poor man's country in this T20 WC2007?In business...
India, in fact, accounts for 80% of all money in international cricket and has a TV viewership that is 10 times the size of all other ICC member countries put together.Many sorry almost all of services industry has already got double profit,but some few industries like real time or timely making profit industries,like textile industry in india has missed it's room of profit.Actually today morning i spoke to a garment exporter,he said that,in last ODI WC2007, because of indian teams bad dispaly,their huge volume of goods spilled out and also they are already facing a big challenge of dollars tumble and its risk factors. Huh,Game is all about win and lose!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A tightrope walk...

Hats off for the film director Padmamagan,for his bold attempt to reveal the hidden side of commercial sex workers and the solution to overcome innocent/unconsciously fascinated sex workers in his new movie "Ammuvagiya Naan".It's a movie about "ammu",who was brought up in brothel house and how that environment had driven her into a fascinated meaningless life.Finally he gave the solution for why the young sex workers should overcome their innocence and how to overcome the struggles in normal life after prostitution.Here, new face Bharathi as protagonist, outperformed everyone in this movie.Be it Love or lust,sympathy or empathy,she never fail to steal the show.At many places, they have let silence speak.Parthiban,a daring actor,he (heroism)underplayed in this movie,but his character overplayed the movie by giving the right mix to the story.Its is clearly shown that parthiban had understood the significance of the theme.His live and love brings a change in prostitute character. A rare and dare attempt in box-office driven Kollywood, with beautiful emotional touch.Totally it is a tightrope walk for director,but he moved successfully to otherside.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I'm sorry if i make your mouth watering,but if you are a south indian,particularly,a FOOD DESPERADO,then this for you and about you! As we know there are many ways to eat a masala dosa ,Whatever the way you eats, there is a very good reason for doing that. It shows some traits of the person,and it's a time to check the kind of people you dine with.You might get surprised the matter it reveals about the person,i think this is the reason for inviting people to dinner for making business and personal deals, by the way these predictions are not my own,i got a mail from one of my friends,this is based on that mail,here i have make in short to save your time and let you move to nearest hotel to know about your friends…

Case 1: People who open the masala dosa and eat it: These are the people who are very open about their life. I have generally seen guys do this rather than girls. Some people think that it is a gross way of eating but in truth, these people are just portraying who they are and how their life is.

Case 2: People who start from both end and approach the masala later: These are the people who like to wait for the exiting things to come to their life. Sadly when the times comes, they are not too interested or just do not know how to enjoy it to the fullest. There are two types of people within this group

Case 2.1: People who do not finish all the masala: These folks just do not care as much for the fun times as they are already brought down by the harsh reality of life. The dry periods in their life has left them with so much scars that they do not want to be really happy when the time is right. They just take only as much as they needed and end their life. A very sorry state indeed.

Case 2.2: People who finish all the masala with the little dosa they have: These are the folks who just are the extremes. They just go all out in life. No matter it is dark or bright. They may not enjoy life to the fullest but they sure make sure that they get every single good and bad thing out of life. Sometimes these folks are really hard to get along with.

Case 3: People who start from the middle and proceed to both ends: These are the people who like to get right to what they think is their best part of life. Usually these guys finish of the good portions in a hurry and get stuck with nothing but worst parts of their life. The thing to note among these people is that the tendency to burn out very early in their life. Like the above case, there are two kinds of people in this group too.

Case 3.1: People who do not finish the dosa: These folks are really the saddest of people. They are the ones who tend to end their life as soon as it hits the bad patch. For them, they only need and want the best things in life and nothing more. Typically, they are not prepared or tuned to life as a whole.

Case 3.2: People who do finish the dosa: These folks are the typical human beings. We all enjoy the greatest of times in life and push the sad parts thinking about the great times in life. Typically the plate is clean and nothing is left for fate or in life. Happiness and sadness are part of life and these guys know that and are kind of prepared for it.

Case 4: People who eat the dosa making sure that the masala lasts for the whole dosa: These people are very rare. These are the people who like to attain balance in their life. It is hard to displease these people and it is hard to make them really happy. They like their balance and are very protective of it. Sadly these are the people who tend to be lonely as anyone else may upset the balance of their system. Perfectionist to the core and are very careful. These guys do not make the best company but are needed in any group to make the group from going hay wire.

Case 5: People who do not share and eat the dosa as if it is precious: These folks are very protective about their life. They do not want anyone to come and interfere in their life. They like to hide their true nature and intensions for their benefit. Beware of such people as they are in every group for their own need and nothing else.

Case 6: People who offer their first bite to others: These guys are overly friendly. They do anything to be part of a group and make everyone feel like the group is important than the individuals. They go out of their way to help other friends.

Case 7: People who take one or two bites and then offer the dosa to others: These guys care about friends and friendship but they take their time to get into the group. These guys like to always be in the side lines and typically do not jump into anything in life. They always take their time to analyze the situation and then make a decision. These guys take the better safe than sorry approach.

Case 8: People who wait for others to make the offer first: Typical people I must say. They are unsure about everything. Even if they wanted to offer, they will wait till the other person offers the food first. If the other person is silent, so are these people. They are the followers. They do terrific idea, they will pitch it to someone else and get their advice before proceeding. Sadly, most of the elderly world like these types of people.

Case 9: People who offer dosa only when they cannot finish it on their own: You all may be familiar with these kinds of people. People who are very generous only when all their needs are fulfilled. These folks are selfish but at the same time not misers or greedy. They just want to satisfy themselves before they give it to the world. They are very good people who would give you the best of advices in life.

Case 10: People who offer the whole dosa and eat from others plates: These folks are other extreme. They know what they want, they get what they want but they cannot enjoy what they want. Instead they tend to settle for other things in life which satisfies the needs but does not satisfy the person completely. These guys are termed as born losers cause even when they have the thing they wanted, they can't stop others from stealing it from them.


Friday, August 17, 2007

An M.B.A or P.S.D?

Lazy morning,finishing ET,juz thought to check mail,but some links pulled me into many of money sites...dropped all plans of the day...who knows,the clock will show 1.00pm...but i read an wonderful article"The New Color of Money" "I would say that I'm an Ace Greenberg P.S.D.," he says. "Ace has a saying: 'I won't hold an M.B.A. against you; but I prefer Poor, Smart, and a Desire to be rich.' " and more ,follow de link...

useFULL one!

Are you really passionate about dining and wininig?here is an excellent blog by Eric Asimov.He critizes,discusses the pleasure, culture and business of wine, beer and spirits.I hope this link ll be a very useFULL one.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


oh god, philosophers,really we cant understand what they mean...may be we are not upto their thinking.some times i do surf philosophical sites....sometimes we can't conclude,or continue,or consume any thing.As a result of integral action of an idea of an indeterminate and discontinuous. Philosophies represents neither character nor activity, Words continually becoming true and completing itself, not as if it were leading to something.Some few days back i got struck into a site,which drove me into mad in both ways,intellectually and interrogatively.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Clockwork journey

Up at 6.30 for a day trip to ooty.The reason i selected ooty was,it is nearest holiday spot to my home.but major reason was,to ride,a small-long travel in bike.I have always dreamed of long drive/ride.So today was my kinda day.Bike-unicorn,iPod,few bucks with 3 friends were my weapons!I thought to write like "After a long week or so crossing the plains, I finally caught sight of a shadow on the horizon:ooty or western ghats".But i can see western ghats from my home,it's just 50 km away.But real effort was to make clear sight of the shadow.50km in plains,50km in ghats,20-30km in hill town,and returning non stop other than energy feeding,was tremendously exciting.We started with beer&vodka,a prelims,enjoyed the core taste of whisky and ended with wine-dine.All these energy intake were road side farms,deep frest,rocks,falls en route.Today our plans everything worked like clockwork,now i am going to drag myself sleeping in until a luxurious 8am or so, to have an another lazy breakfast!

Friday, August 10, 2007

With a new ingredient,after long time...

llevas mucho rato esperando to read my new blog?
Here im, with my new ingredient. As we know that business has different dimensions. To understand all those things is not a rocket science. All needs just a small hand-shake, hola! quĂ© tal? That’s all, I mean small attempt for your thirsty.
Here im just going to explore knitwear industry from my experiences with various garment Industries in Textile valley of India, Tirupur. I had search for a good site/blog, which explore more about this industry, but I ended up with grandĂ© disappoinment. Finally I decided to write, my blog may not be a platform to exposure to the apparel industry, be that as it may give some idea about this money mint industry…i have planned to write regularly and in series form with the name of TEXTILE TREASURE.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Politics is essential for leadership

What makes an organization more effective?
Is there any creative idea?Definitly....but it may not be an innovative,but i feel it ll help till some extent.Actually one of my friends was discussing about to increase his organization performance.Finally our discussion ended up in vain.
After carefully involving with his organization,my mind was seeking for a creative idea.As an extension of this search,it concludes that implementing POLITICS in organization.Yes,i mean that exactly.Definitly i can say that most of the times developement is a result of 'active politics'.
"Political skill is a key component of effective leadership. By avoiding or ignoring workplace politics, you are limiting yourself and your organization." Ferris, a management and psychology professor at Florida State University and co-author of Political Skill at Work.So it is time to re-think your idea of politics.Politics goes on in all organizations and has forever.
Fine,If politics is a good for an organization,then why does it have such a bad connotation?
Most of the people thinking politics as a system provides advantage to them and dis-advantage to others.We need to change our understanding of politics and search that what benefits the individual may provide good for others and the organization overall.Core competence is not just about ability of performance in operations; it is tied to various issues, including the way people position themselves,communication flow, and their interpersonal behavior.So politics is about understanding how to emphasize yours and others skills, behaviors and qualities to be effective; it's about adapting.It's not about doing something that is false or being trustworth-less. Leaders need to be able to exert influence in a manner that does not appear or feel manipulative.

Monday, June 04, 2007


At present i am working for a company to establish its brand identity.while working on this project i came to know that brand is not merely a name, logo, slogan, and design...not exactly.There are some few things beyond these...Then what is brand?How can one develop brand?Here are some attributes to add the ocean 'branding'...
1.Product line
Leaders can sometimes get away with marketing a broad line of products and services, especially if they have a powerful brand name like Sony,General Electric.What should others focus on?If you are not a Jack-of-all-trades,focus on what you are very strong.That create a brand image.According to Al Ries and Laura Ries,this is called Law of Contraction.

2.Company name
Try to make company name is a unique and different name. Furthermore it has chance to communicate with customers.It's better if it gives some message about your product or service.

3.Attribute of the product
To build a powerful brand, you need to stand for something in the prospect’s mind.
For example,if you see cars
Toyota means reliable,
Lexus for luxury,
Volvo for safety,
BMW for driving and
Mercedes-Benz for prestige..
So,What should your product mean?
Something,yes,Something should be there in your product which is not available with others or competitors.That is jack-of-all-trades,master in some.

Mere advertising never creates a brand.But advertising maintain brand leader in the No.1 or its existing position.If you are a No.1 brand, consumer behavior shows people will continue to choose your brand over anything else.

5.Public relations
PR used to come after branding,was HISTORY.But nowadays you never create a brand without knowing its publicity.So if you want to create a publicity,would be easily possible if you are an innovator,You must make/create a new path.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

10 Principles of Economics

Economics may look like a study of complicated tables, charts, numbers and statistics but here it's fun....

Sunday, April 22, 2007

What Next ? What next? What next?

Right now, I am in a quite different position in my career. With two years of experience, as a life and business analyst (not much sure, what actually I analyse) the future is not much predictive.
Till two years back,as a student, I had my goals,kindergarten to primary, one class to the other, then Secondary followed by Higher Secondary, then Graduation. But that goals were improved and evolved in unpredictable way.There were choices of course, but more of obvious ones.But as an engineering graduate, i experienced all kinds of fields.

When it comes to business,experience with people by interacting with their interests,habits,culture,character is a one interesting thing we never get it in anywhere.They could push you to do something different, they could let you handle clients/customers and even to get new projects, products, ideas in business.And, whatever you would be doing, you have to thank/curse your 3 E's!!Because we are doing everything with the influence of three E's-Experience,Environment,Education.

The rules and equations are definitely different in the Business as well as in professional/corporate world. But, if I stick to where I am now, I have no idea where I would land up after 10 years down the line !!
But watever it may be,"What next? What next? What next?" should be the only question to ensure your DEVELOPMENT.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You Tube :Buzzer to management

By seeing some casts in you tube,i found there is an another creative way to use you tube.If you are one of the management nerds,please search for one about your organization in you tube.There might be a cast about your management straits.....straightly to public.This trend is happening now.And what will corporate leadership want to do upon seeing this trend? Hopefully, they should create more forums for open internal discussion & collaboration so that employees don’t feel the need to take publicly airing dirty things.If not,you ll be end up with big calamity!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Novels for novel business

Novel is an extended fictional work.You may think what is there for business or management,not bad.But there are some novel that will teach you lot of business management lessons.Here a few suggestions on these kinda novels....
The Goal" by Eliyahu Goldrait,is about industrial, factory production. Not exactly about manageing distinct projects. More about finding the bottle neck,style and technique in your process.
"The Deadline" by Tom Demarco, is about software development project management
And one more on software development project management is "The mythical man-month" by Fred Brooks.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

I wish i would get those days back...

It took very long time for this post...I rarely get chance to blog here,yes,rarely,really! But now i planned to post more often.actually i spend last month to take or make a strategically good decision in my life(i belive).Now everything is going smooth.
I used to stay in chennai,since june 2001.Now im leaving this wonderful place,yes,there is a reason for this word 'wonderful'.Chennai,fascinated by its people, minds and 'hospitality'-is what they can tell us as a great message. The people here giving lives and life tools to those who are seeking those things in better from their bitter experiences.But i really miss lot of things...marina(Gandhi statue),spencers,t.nagar,Mount road,EMU,Chromepet,to name few...However i enjoyed those six years like anything with everthing!! I wish i would get those days back...
Actually,This blog has always been about optimism in words,themes.But there are lots of thing to excite or hitting heavily to my word bank in memory,but my mind agonizing to make an another attempt to re-live those days!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

GURU - A re-view of Dirubai Ambani!

Maniratnam's biggest and most awaited movie...When formula movies were the trends of the day, he used to frame his own equations.But this time he refused to hone or reinvent his innovative skills. Guru is worth a watch if you are a fan(like me) of Mani Ratnam's minimum standards. But,It's certainly not his best!
Guru is about Gurukant Desai, an ambitious man. He is the kind of man who would plan to conquer the world if you given him enough time and resources, and he did.It's just an ordinarilly naratted story of highly successful businessman,yes,not a class script,but it's a highly inspirational,provoking,intoxicating and stimulating.
“Yes, I saw Guru last night and I’ve asked to see it again today and I shall want to see it a 100 times over. It is Mani’s best. And I speak as a viewer, not as a father. I have held myself back on many an occasion from commenting on my son’s work, but this time I shall not. To hell with niceties and restraint. Abhishek is incredible! I have been choked with emotion ever since I have emerged from the theatre and still am. This is a role of a lifetime for him and he has given a performance of a lifetime"-Big B's words about his son Abhishek.Its true,he scored his part well.
And A R Rahman,everyone knows,he is not a run-of-the-mill,mani's movies are very special for him.Songs,already a chart buster.Background music,simply stimulating, screams and synchronizing with movie's period and with its quality.
Totally,Guru is a film not to be missed!!