Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Clockwork journey

Up at 6.30 for a day trip to ooty.The reason i selected ooty was,it is nearest holiday spot to my home.but major reason was,to ride,a small-long travel in bike.I have always dreamed of long drive/ride.So today was my kinda day.Bike-unicorn,iPod,few bucks with 3 friends were my weapons!I thought to write like "After a long week or so crossing the plains, I finally caught sight of a shadow on the horizon:ooty or western ghats".But i can see western ghats from my home,it's just 50 km away.But real effort was to make clear sight of the shadow.50km in plains,50km in ghats,20-30km in hill town,and returning non stop other than energy feeding,was tremendously exciting.We started with beer&vodka,a prelims,enjoyed the core taste of whisky and ended with wine-dine.All these energy intake were road side farms,deep frest,rocks,falls en route.Today our plans everything worked like clockwork,now i am going to drag myself sleeping in until a luxurious 8am or so, to have an another lazy breakfast!

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