Friday, August 10, 2007

With a new ingredient,after long time...

llevas mucho rato esperando to read my new blog?
Here im, with my new ingredient. As we know that business has different dimensions. To understand all those things is not a rocket science. All needs just a small hand-shake, hola! quĂ© tal? That’s all, I mean small attempt for your thirsty.
Here im just going to explore knitwear industry from my experiences with various garment Industries in Textile valley of India, Tirupur. I had search for a good site/blog, which explore more about this industry, but I ended up with grandĂ© disappoinment. Finally I decided to write, my blog may not be a platform to exposure to the apparel industry, be that as it may give some idea about this money mint industry…i have planned to write regularly and in series form with the name of TEXTILE TREASURE.

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