Sunday, September 23, 2007

Finally a dream FINAL!

Nothing is more than cricket in India,because it's India's religion.After its earleir chuck out in last ODI world cup,India is in world cup finals very soon,that too with its arch-rival pakistan!!...what a dream run for indian cricket!We know that Indian team is an easiest team to predict,our teams motto is as simple as "more expectation,less fulfillment",no longer it seams to be true.yes,last night after semi finals with australia,indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni said his mantra,"Play without pressure, play to enjoy the game, express yourself, and don't worry about the results" That has been the desperate need for team India since long long period ago.After these days,now individual does not matter any more as team system has taken over them.So,as Dhoni's way,"let us see our team without pressure,enjoy the game ,express ourself,don't worry about results" Indeed,it's a witness for why does the game of cricket drive 1.2 billion people into a state of frenzy?
And what is an important impact of rich man's game in poor man's country in this T20 WC2007?In business...
India, in fact, accounts for 80% of all money in international cricket and has a TV viewership that is 10 times the size of all other ICC member countries put together.Many sorry almost all of services industry has already got double profit,but some few industries like real time or timely making profit industries,like textile industry in india has missed it's room of profit.Actually today morning i spoke to a garment exporter,he said that,in last ODI WC2007, because of indian teams bad dispaly,their huge volume of goods spilled out and also they are already facing a big challenge of dollars tumble and its risk factors. Huh,Game is all about win and lose!!

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