Sunday, April 22, 2007

What Next ? What next? What next?

Right now, I am in a quite different position in my career. With two years of experience, as a life and business analyst (not much sure, what actually I analyse) the future is not much predictive.
Till two years back,as a student, I had my goals,kindergarten to primary, one class to the other, then Secondary followed by Higher Secondary, then Graduation. But that goals were improved and evolved in unpredictable way.There were choices of course, but more of obvious ones.But as an engineering graduate, i experienced all kinds of fields.

When it comes to business,experience with people by interacting with their interests,habits,culture,character is a one interesting thing we never get it in anywhere.They could push you to do something different, they could let you handle clients/customers and even to get new projects, products, ideas in business.And, whatever you would be doing, you have to thank/curse your 3 E's!!Because we are doing everything with the influence of three E's-Experience,Environment,Education.

The rules and equations are definitely different in the Business as well as in professional/corporate world. But, if I stick to where I am now, I have no idea where I would land up after 10 years down the line !!
But watever it may be,"What next? What next? What next?" should be the only question to ensure your DEVELOPMENT.

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