Friday, May 29, 2009

fLAW Makers

I like to add another point on my previous post about blogging, actually, nowadays its really hard to do almost all kinda deeds in democratic India, particularly if you want to do social service or legal thing without expecting appropriate returns, no way, no one let you do. This is what our matured thinkers/law makers or set-up-ers, blah-blah's left for our most esteemed democracy and present day democratic securities are also don't want to change those set-ups as they have in and around purpose and welfare for so called citizens. I say they are not Law makers, but fLAW makers. But one thing is sure in this information age to express your views and thoughts without any authorities permission, that is "blogging".  Blogging is now Democratized, is the most democratic thing in almost all countries(after TASMAC in TN). This is one worthy way to organise the current generation to make something useful or to reach them so easily.
 By the way i feel its enough of social service i made through blogging, though i don't have any intense of such kinda things(?? true!), so my next post will be about damn good movies, next version of Metamorphic movies. 


Anonymous said...

A Philosophical discourse on Engineering, Technology & Management:

Anonymous said...

Vethathiri Maharishi's Model of the Universe:
(His philosophy is centered on Advaita(non-dual) & Mind is the mother of all tools - hence of Technology too!)

Anonymous said...

Liquor and drinking shops ceratinly not represents real people's democracy, its actually the real villain runing people's lives and family!!.

And wake up, we people in India practice a highly feudalised form of democracy!!!.

Vazhga Valamudan :)