Sunday, May 24, 2009

Keypad is mightier than sword

My friend Saravanan coined an issue on my previous posts' comment as, "not sure blogging can get people's ideas and thoughts to those people it has to reach!". I don't think so, since there are millions of blogger blogging constantly, most of them have no interesting readers, neither they are no more a better blogger and also they don't have any vision on it, but not necessarily would have any vision. What i feel on blogging apart from its a personal diary with its legal authority to read everyone, its a powerful way to find out your caliber to produce the channel to show or show off or know how interesting and inducing you are, and the way to measure the depth of your words. So days moves on, you get an idea on the choice of content and the ingredients want to add(if you dot have one) and before that you must believe in "Keypad is mightier than sword". Moreover blogging is a performing arts, no boundaries for its reflection, and of course at beginning it doesn't reach the people exactly to whom you're writing, but blogging has great impact/potential to change the society or to create awareness(i believe this is what he wants to initiate), that too through sole initiative. Yes, definitely it will organise the people in the minds of same vision. May not now, but very near future, with appropriate promoting activities and quality of thoughts, it will reach the people in the hunt of thoughts/opinions/ideas/deeds. Even now there are lot of politicians(Lalu, Rajeev), writers, reformers, literature-ists, actors(amir khan), management guru's(tom peters), consultants(paul graham), businessmen, etcetra's utilizing this as an appropriate platform to spread their thoughts unlimited-ly. 


Anonymous said...

Well, I respect my fren Ravi's views on blogs and stuff, but the the very fact still remains that internet users in India number account for only less than 10% of Indian population.
(The numbers are greater for China and in other parts of the globe.)

PS: what happened to your no.?, I tried calling, it says the no. doesnt exist!!

PRC said...

yes, its true...but if u'll initiate s.thing with this 10%, it will penetrate more than that 90% non-users..i belive i was out of station, and again i calld u around 8, twice or 3'ce?

Anonymous said...

ohhh!...haha [:D], its accident or coincidence, I dont know but we keep stumbling into the same subject and issues more or less :)

Vazhga Valamudan