Wednesday, May 20, 2009

People are strange, if you're a stranger!

Each and every day everyone has to commute some place to the other, especially if you travel alone, then the person infront of you is as interesting as you, its like a summer rain or hill train. Previously i avoided to speak with strangers, i just kept some kinda cult books on my hand and never liked to speak with others or allowed others with me, as i made my mind as speaking with strangers will spoil my mood or waste of time or spended that time to prepare myself for the way ahead. But its a real bad thinking, if you do like this, it means you're loosing an interesting part in lively life. Since we're always making up some kinda arrangements before doing whatever, evidently had lost the liveliness of life. In my case for instance, time move as the way that transport moves, some times its very interesting that our next and next to next strangers exchange of words, wheedles... Furthermore, its not necessarily on commuting, may be when you're in queue or with a marketing executive. In fact we can read that that cult books in home or bathroom or office or anywhere, but what important is you never get chance to speak and know the society's taste as well as it is a chance to rethink  whether you're living with people or under some kinda mass media's Influence!
Some people say there's nothing as strangers, strangers are who, when we were born our parents were strangers, then our class-mates, friends, watchmen, shop-keeper, angels, and demons. Bull shit...In my dictionary, strangers are beyond expectation, they speak different, eat different, sometimes disgusting, sometimes they will hit or hurt you, or even some will help you, but they don't know who you are or for why they are, sometimes you might fall in love, or even in lust. And it may not be your precious experience, be cautious, some strangers may shit on your head?! or for your fortune he may be some celebrity. I have had an wonderful experiences  like this, few months back , in Bangkok airport, i was smoking in smoking zone, suddenly i watched the fellow next to me was famous cricketer Wasim Akram! So at last, we smoked together!! So whats important is, not smoking, but don't be a strange or stranger, wherever and forever!

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Anonymous said...

Nice thoughts and your English is good enough but make sure you dont mix up too many new words just for the sake of it.Try to keep it simple anywhere not just here :)

But not sure blogging can get people's ideas and thoughts to those people it has to reach!.

Live And Let Live,

Jai Hind.

Vazhga Valamudan.