Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Election Insults, sorry results!

Election 2009 results are not an authentic reflection of whole Indian citizens.These are our fate, we have to accept our fate as a dump bum, we must. Reason is no one likes congress as a ruling party again for various reasons, but we don't have any good substitute for congress(and BJP too!). Reasonable number of people likes BJP to be in power, but they don't deserve that stand, because they failed to gather  conflicting votes of congress, and failed to have alliance with capable regional parties in the states which they performed bad. So congress sweeps with this advantage, and driven at the top. By the way regional parties damaged the conflicting votes for their ulterior motive(money??). So both BJP and regional parties battle goes under vanity. However, still our destiny is good, because we got a stable government at last..and musical chair politics ends!! Likewise i too happy for Tamil Nadu results, for quashing unsecular, and antecedent politics(சந்தர்ப்பவாத அரசியல்).

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