Monday, June 08, 2009

A Counter Objection

Liquor and drinking shops certainly not represents real people's democracy, its actually the real villain ruining people's lives and family!!
-Saravanan's comment on my fLAW makers post.

Actually Liquor shops in india may ruin people's lives and family, but people here never takes it as health issue, rather it involves an intellectual issue. When the period our people got introduced drinks, they dint think drinking as a leisure activity, instead they had taken it as a pain killer. Indians are basically great hard workers, so they needed some channel to get rid off physical pain, was the first nuance drinking becomes democratic. Then they became intellectual slaves, here they need some thing to reduce intellectual pain(burden), it results liquor barons in India become icon of India(Vijay Mallya, Rajya sabha MP). It's out of their inability and ailment. Moreover liquor shops are the only place where our people feel the real democracy and its rights as well as you called non-slavish things exists! If you wont belive, just be in liquor shops for an hour in peak time, then you find the feel of how our people are non slavish as well as the dreams of each and every belittled soul in their intellectual way. Also its a place where you can find the fourth and third world people too has the attribute of socialising. And there it shows that people still have confident and beliefs(only) in some good things in their subconcious.


Anonymous said...


I totaly disgree to your view here, getting hallucinated and intoxicated is no way being non-slavish ("democratic" ).

And Oh my God, where did you come up with that?.So bad that you are recommending public and social drinking!!.Come on think useful and think selfless!!!

Vazhga Valamudan

PRC said...
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PRC said...

no, wrongly u understood..actually i told like after drinking, how the people are acting as very confident and, in subconcious that attributes are still there..then, why cant be like that without drinking? thats what my question on this post..

shankar said...

Do you drink?

gnubie said...

Come on India was a country with much openness Mr Anno, starting from sex to drink till taking ganja, by telling this im not motivating people here. also dont think that you are some one who is opposing that. its just that u r brought up in the environment where you consider this as taboo. from my point of view than drinking illegal liquor bcoz of non availablity of liquor shop and dying better have a shop and drink safe.

@ shankar who r u ;)

PRC said...

u're absolutly right gnubie the way mr.shankar romba nallavar...avara apadi ellaam keekakoodaathu, thappu