Sunday, March 29, 2009

Metamorphic Movies 4

Akira Kurosawa, a most admired human with silent film and modern art. Once he said, one of the techniques of modern art is simplification, and that I must therefore simplify my films. Words which any Creator should injects with his adrenalin. He is very famous for using weather elements for scenes mood and he could be much more influenced by artistic elements and a  perfectionist too.
 Rashomon, a movie which rewrites the views of world cinema in quality beyond budget, casting and making too, a worthy example for the extreme possibilities of  budget movies. Kurosawa worked closely with cast, and it's cinematographer Kazuo Miyagawa, gave great contribution of its perfection. 
Tamil cinema makers shanker and co. should re-think about their movie budget by watching Rashomon kinda movies, at least for the sake of producers fate. Rashomon gate, simply constructed Courtyard, and natural Woodland were the locations used throughout the movie. I say, it is a script beyond every essential ingredients of film making. Our great filmmaker(??)/actor/universal hero Kamal Hassan imitated the same formula in VIRUMAANDI, but by playing himself as a leading protagonist role desecrated the real/realistic output of the movie and of course, songs in virumaandi contributed as another plunder. Then Casting in rashomon, a woodcutter, Priest, Bandit, Samurai and his wife and a monk...presentation of each role shows Kurosawa's shrewdness. 88 minutes movie, presented as an art, without emotions, it always make us wonder and leads to  big dilemmas!
All about a widely varying four witness on an apparent (samurai's)murder, which includes the witnesses of  Woodcutter, Rapist bandit , samurai's wife and dead man-samurai himself...The views/witness/stories are mutually contradictory, leaving us for own conclusion, if any.  But it is a no non-sense movie, an intellectually narrated story with its own contradictory and flashback in flashbacks made this movie as the taste of Masala in Masala dosa. No need to write elaborately about this movie or its story, since everyone aware of this great creation, but i still admired and influenced with this art. And the reason i write about this movie is, it altered some of my molecules about movie making.

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