Sunday, March 29, 2009

Suicide practice of a courageous soul

Courage, Courage under lost for life...Suicide practice..Bungee/Bungy jumping is perhaps one of the most thrilling sportsFalling from a height of over 200 feet (almost 23 to 25 storey building's height)and bunging up and down is only for those who have lost love for their life!  I lost...

It was more than a mere adventure, Pattaya Bungy Jump is located in Thepprasit road, a green scenery place, where it is surrounded with lakes, trees, Car tracks, buildings, farms...when i was watching all these, my head was bioscoping. But bungy jumping is nothing more than extension of your mental fitness limits, then i feel-ed. Jump master checked my weight, wrote something on some hand, on extreme excitement i forgot whatz going around me, later he explained me some blah, blah..i heard only monotone.

Then, final moments kissed me, crane started, cameras rolled...crane stopped at top, then me rolled!! Master took snaps, i managed with smile, again thinking, re-thinking, i asked "Like Bungy jump, is there any Monkey jumps? a bit easier than this?"...He laughed nicely, but i smiled under fire. It was just seconds before the jump and so many things going on in mind. whether to jump, or give up , or pray god for last desire and so on..but i dint give up, i decided, at any cost i should live this adventure. Then as he instructed, i decided  to jump without any second thought, after reaching the edge of the crane. Yes, I'm flying, lost life, love, lust, ambitions, soul...bunging up and down, cord works like a spring, stretches and retracs, at last my soul retained as a new one with courageous, landed with brave heart. I brought back with safe hands, on the sponge bed, i thanked the team and got bravery certificate. 

   The lure of bungee stands with free falling sensation that it produce.  But, before that i felt that rush of adrenalin when i got scared, and i felt the real thrill...Otha, What an experience!! 

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