Friday, March 27, 2009

Relax to Extreme...

Last week i went to Thailand. Since I'm a travel freak, i never miss chances if it is packed with some purpose. So i landed on Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport on 20th march early morning. Bangkok, though it was a highly urbanised, its soul of tradition is still alive. I heard that it has a nickname "Venice of east", apart from few canals around the city i dint find any symptoms like that, but city was fresh, everywhere new buildings, new roads, new-new- new...everything is new, from airport to public transport! I got refreshed with these new-'s, lost travel tiredness with this freshness, half day i finished my work, then relaxed in a beer bar for an hour, later i planned to enjoy and explore i planned to go Pattaya, almost 150km away from Bangkok, then i did not bother about anything...
Pattaya, its motto by Thai government is "relax to extreme". It's true. Basically it was a small fishing village till US-Vietnam war, on that time it was used for R&R(Rest and Recreation) by servicemen of southeast Asians and US force. After a small crises, now it become a world famous tourist destination. Rapid growth is visible wherever you enter in this place. After visiting this place, i told my friends like, if you ll do bad things in life, god will send you to Hell, if do good, you ll be send to Pattaya!

It gives an over-abundance of entertainment. Whole city is sleeping till evening, then life dawns after 7 pm...Then, I entered to heaven, Walking street, centre of Pattaya's night life, runs from beach road to Bali-hi pier, both entrances have arches and at night it is traffic-free, and costumes-free too. Hundreds of Beer bars, Massage parlours, go go bars, discotheques, strip pubs ,night clubs, Ping pong shows...I'm really confused now what to tell, from where to tell and of course how to tell. Lets put massages first, actually, Kerala should die in massages with Thailand, its wide range like Thai massage, Bum-bum massage, foot, face, body, etc.,etc., massages and pedicure and manicure too..if you want to do all those things, you need a week or more, then you will become weak. And very important show is Ping-pong shows, where women using their pelvic muscles to either hold or blow some objects like pens, cigarettes, candles, soda bottles, whistles, eggs, strings, dart, etc.,from their vaginal beginning i was wondered and enjoyed, later i felt very disgusting and left with embarrassment for the way they're hurting themselves, totally a heaven and hell all at once. From this incident i decided Thailand is a Toyland, since it's using women as toys.

Then next day i went to Islands, like Ko Lan(Coral island) and Mu Ko Phai enough of beaches, water sports(skeing, snorkling, etc.,)...later bungee jumping, Malls, variety of hotels, beach resorts with international dinning experiences, all with a rave, raucous and naughty night life.
After two days i returned to Bangkok, then i enjoyed its core special Wat pho budhha temple, pubs, restaurants, shopping and then packing. At last i guess, it was a challenging and a must feel cultural experience for everyone and forever.

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