Monday, March 30, 2009

3 P's 4.0

#All philosophies in this post are fictitiously fictitious, none of this resembles with my life#

Professional drinkers words at night: Today half, so tomorrow off...

Drinking in rounds:
1st, mix water or soda
2nd, less water
3rd, no water
4th, it's just water only...

If i ll drink whisky, i ll vomit this night,
If i ll drink beer, my wife ll vomit after three months.

An apple a day keeps doctor, diseases away,
A drink a day keeps everything away.

Drinkers Rhymes:Beer inside, poem outside.

Body is the only temple with all spirits in the world.

Polygraph is a lie detector,
Pablo's shot is a truth detector.

Q & A in single word: Brandy.

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