Friday, April 03, 2009

Metamorphic Movies 5

Cinema may be a dream industry, but its manufacturing factory is our human life. We have had come across enough of feelings in multiple experiences. Oscillations are feeling's triggering point. Either you have to stand at least any one of the side, but wherever you stand, the feel about its anti-side will definitely drag inside, that's life...though you take new path, the dilemma/oscillations about conventional or being straight still disturbs you..the de facto solution is, either you have to die or should blame on fate or temporary escape. Here, my views are all about blood and flesh in bomb culture, an universal culture in information age.The makers Hany abu-asaad and santosh sivan had came across such a culture, we too, but these two allowed this culture to alter their inner molecules and it creates a riveting movies. Paradise Now and The Terrorist have rare insight about human mind in suicide bombers. Both movies focuses on Bombers, what and how would be their last days/moments before going to accomplish their mission.
Paradise Now, story about two life-long friends sayed and Kaled, and their mission of being suicide bombers. It starts with their present life, approach of terrorist/handlers on the previous day of mission(if it was some few days back, definitely they could have changed mind...a perfection), last supper on sayed's home, his sleepless night, goodbye's, instructions on how to behave before the mission and their looks, pledge with god, who will pick up them in Israeli territory, why he picks up them, where will they go after mission(heaven!!), on what time-interval each of them should detonate...then mission starts, immediately the oscillations too started..the expressions of the beginning stage of oscillations on sayed's face is astonishing. Then twist arises when they flee after Israeli army men in territory, then Kaled returns but Sayed runs away, again sayed tries to make an attempt in public bus but after watching a child in the coach, he changes his mind. Now kaled gets a time bound one day task of finding Sayed, he done eventually in Sayed dad's graveyard when he is about to detonate upon his frustration out of love(with suha, she flings off  to retain his conscience when she knows their plan), life, fate, fear, family, and his dad's reluctance. Again twist, both bombers are in handlers place, then Sayed promised for another attempt on next day morning itself. At last, what? End only...  
I like its ending, it is left with the viewers conclusion to determine whether he blast or not with a long zoom-in shot on sayed terrified eyes on the coach of Israeli's soldiers. Like this movies end, i like soderberg's "Traffic" movie end, my all time favourite, an awesome movie about drug traffic in US, i read a quote somewhere, I'm not sure about where, but phrase goes like this..' an art should not conclude or provide solution, the determination of an art lies in on its existence, not on its completeness', a complete words on in-complete art. Traffic,  explores the intricacy nuances of the drug trade from a number of perspectives: an user, an enforcer, a politician and a trafficker, whose life affects each other even though they're unknown to each other. Movie's allure lies in on layering all the aspects/factors involved on illegal drug business without any definite conclusion, but maker was clear about the vision/message he wants to pass.  He doesn't want to make about addicts, but gives a conspicuous bare view about drug traffic. Undoubtedly, a dream movie for me if i would allow to make a movie!  
Next one, The Terrorist, is ever most beautiful and one of best movies from India. Its all about a suicide bomber, Malli, a young woman, whose entire family members has been sacrificed for the mission of that terrorist groups vision and now, she is selected for a suicide assassination of a political VIP, then she is on the mission, travels to the nearer place where the incident going to carried out, instructions are uploading constantly, operational plan is ready, everything is fixed, parallely she gets to know the life outside the terrorist group while staying with normal people(with a farmer's family and its surroundings) for her mission, their growing relationship changing her slowly but it is too late, also her thoughts denying to accept the new life...A gradual increase of Protagonist's moral dilemma through her true love at war field, and life's greater meaning through the farmer and his wife haunts her decision other way...totally, its an incomprehensible make. And enchanting and reverential music spoiled the tempo of the movie. And cinematography, no doubt, santosh sivan is the best Indian cinematographer, but he could have shown little bit ugly, i mean he romanticised the way he crafted the protagonist. But no issue, definitely its a Visual treat! And dialogues, while dialogue-ing this movie, he forgets the reality of its content, may be the maker doesn't want controversies with provoking dialogues(cleverly avoided! இந்திய தணிக்கை துறை-யின் மீது பயமோ, தயவோ, என்னவோ...வாழ்க இ. த. து! ஏது எப்ப்டியோ, தமிழில் இப்படி ஒரு படம் வர தமிழ் என்ன தவம் செய்ததோ! தமிழ் படைப்புகளின் ஆகச்-சிறந்த படைப்பு...நம் மக்கள் ஒரு நூறு பேரேணும் பார்திருப்பார்களானால் சந்தோஷ் சிவனுக்கு அண்ணா, பெரியாருடன் அனைத்து வீதிகளிலும் சிலை வைத்து கொண்டாடி இருப்பார்கள்..பாவம், என்ன பாவம் செய்தாரோ..ஹீ ஹீ ), however its too holding back the harrowness of the movie. But overall, the treatment of the movie is breathtaking, gripping too..
Huh, Why i like these movies? These are the movies with the witness of distinguishing the real life and real death,  a violence inside the mind, and about an unfeigned martyr. 

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