Sunday, April 05, 2009


Postmodernism, a buzz word  and critical concept in art which is hard for me to get  a definite form of it. There are many moments after rare experiences of sensory aesthetic creations, i heard about people saying 'postmodernism'.. So i google-d(this too a postmodernism!) with so much curiosity...What does it mean? Does it be categorized?A cultural and ideological and intellectual configuration variously defined, with different aspects like Irony, playfulness, black humor, Pastiche,nIntertextuality, Metafiction, Poioumena, Historiographic metafiction, Temporal distortion, Technoculture and hyper-reality, Paranoia, Maximalism, Minimalism, Faction, Fabulation, Magic realism, with a general phenomenon emphasized by distrust of theories and ideologies and by drawing of attention to conventions...The theories or an art can't be simply reduced to "postmodernism" without controversy, and yet the arguments are drawn on and criticized very often in the name of what goes by the "postmodern"...Who cares? We have some other important works instead of knowing philosophies like gossiping about bloody Indian politics with sipping of Mc's, RC's or OC's with soda and pickle or talking about IPL, or watching intellectually censored latest cleavage cut and pelvic movement Indian movies, or discussing about the co-human(!)  with another co-human, the list will extend till all Indians will stop these evergreen moments or i too have stopped to write about this kinda puzzling terms, but while i come across, i got an interesting article...
an interesting comparison, here the link

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