Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We never change!

I was passing time with my friends last evening and i coined a puzzle word "Election 2009", they said seriously, Lets speak something seriously. This is what people in India put their esteemed deeds for them. Even me too don't know the present Indian politics or pasts', but i know how the politics should be by de facto. Who bothers?..If we do, will get fever, that's our indefinite pledge.  We never vote to prevent our country from Mafia's, to prevent our uncivilized culture getting most uncivilized, like this we can extend the list, but we vote to get briyani parcel or some other offers and to prevent another bigger bugler getting into the top of the power. So our citizens are solid  of not being voted for us. Some times i get doubts or nightmares of people voting for US or Uganda elections in India, its ok, no use of speaking about Indian election in India. People had already decided. And why some people(these are the real difference makers to change the result of elections and our fate) don't want to vote in these Mafia's festival? Fact is, the candidates never truly reflects the changing nature of politics or governing practices and are failed to confront the substantive elements of issues we're facing day-to-day life. Do you know this makes USA as world largest democracy...India? Its largest "Flawed democracy", listed in Economist Intelligence Unit's 2008 Democracy index, based on 60 indicators like electoral process, functioning of government, civil liberties, political culture, blah-blah-blah, everything 'coz flaw-flaw-flaw. But in my index, the key difference is we Indian people. This will extent till we have to set foot for new wave of thoughts, i don't wanna tell necessarily what kinda thoughts... by the way the modern political system isn't necessarily a good thing always, perhaps if you'll understand this realistic insight of politics, or else let you be an actual intellectual Indian bum...then what?as usual, you never change, sorry we never change!! Change is never going to be a constant for our Indians in politics!

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