Saturday, April 11, 2009


(All characters, incidents and data's in this article are truly non-fictitious 
and does reflect to any or every person alive or dead in India)
Politics in India is an entrepreneurial activity. PM is CEO, Ministers are CFO/COO's, MP's are regional/branch managers, non competing politicians/political scientists are relationship managers. Public money is all time or anytime investments, elections are Fund-raising activities, propaganda's are business promotion activities, Agenda's are easily forgettable fictional articles(Agenda, a short term word, used only before elections..), Mr&Mrs.Indian's awareness and fate are their USP, and motto?what else apart from "INDIA FOR SALE", then at last Voters/Mr.public/sanjay ramaswamies/sanjay singhanias(short term memory losers) are loyalty customers without any customer satisfaction. Political enterprise's official bank is Swiss bank and bullying other parties at street corners, CNN and NDTV is their core business..What to say about Indian politics apart from this? 

Do you know how many political enterprises are there in India?  786(seven hundred and eighty six only) recognized and unrecognized political enterprises in India, it seems, according to our population we're increasing our parties...hee hee..INFLATION boss! Whether we achieved in economic growth or not, together we achieved in political growth...
Proud to be Indian.
 GDP, Ex/Int. Affairs, per capita income, Forex, Education, Health, Power and all other central or state govt. issues are not part of  India's growth(courtesy: INC, BJP, CPI/M, BSP, DMK's, &co enterprises)...Wow, what a culture!

One...sorry, two of the most frequently and most cheated-ly used and bloody caricaturistic phrases in Indian politics are "We're a secular front" and "We're democratists"...
Huh, i like this deal.
Dear public, Watch the last name of the leaders and party's inside/intra democracy, none of the 786 parties are secular nor democratic parties. So, you, me, and everyone, knows the systematic hierarchy and the business model of these political enterprises, but still we're making ourselves as(s) fools. Changes are always constant, it never change, but still we restrict changes..however, the real fact is, "changing" is one of the easiest task that i have known. So what? I have constant income+perks, shelter, car, entertainment chains, lifestyle, wife, keep,...and then for what else i should search?...see, thinking cells are always ridiculous...If i ll think about Indian politics, i ll end up in front of the voters booth with my vote been voted by my co citizen. Such a great citizens we

So what's my conclusion? To whom to vote myself? 
Still you need conclusion?? huh..crazy....okey, vote? As usual, here in my constituency, one of the candidates from leading front(election survey results he ll win with at least a lakh votes difference), is my family friend. So why should i vote for some other candidate? why should i bother about geographically marked fools landscape?

Last word:
Dear politicians, don't worry for your social services, now only we're throwing shoes for 25 years ago crimes, you are already in the age of 70's or 80's, so be careful at the age of 95's or 105's??!!

Democracy is the government of the politicians, by the people, and for the politicians!! 

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