Monday, March 09, 2009

Metamorphic Movies 3

The Piano teacher,  good example for a protagonist crafted by its emotions, and it is used as a subject, instead of an object.  In Tamil, i say, Paruthiveeran.  Former one shows frustration out of sexual perversion, but later one shows the celebration of a brash third rated human. Though these two movies have no single similarities, the creation of character has turned these movies into a classic one, but both in different extremities. But, the true impact comes from the performances in both movies. These are kinda movies, protagonist should be razor sharp in expressions/emotions. Though, the scene is like this, Intense in Piano teacher is more for character(ization), but in paruthiveeran, for narrativeness as well. In Piano teacher, Isabelle Huppert belittles every student for their imperfection(by looking through window), then her voyeurism, fighting with her mom, her desire, in self denial,esp. in loneliness(must watch)...each and every scene her expressions are flawless, that we can read her thinking's like a mind reader, moreover everything done with her face expressions itself, awesome!!  Director captures the previous stage perversion like no one did before(in my knowledge).
Even it's no hard to show desire or perversion, but maker played in between those two! Its all a melodrama of humans compromise and not being compromised. If she ll not compromise, or lately, will feel the impact forever. 
 Actually, Huppert, an old pervert sacrificed everything to art and her mom, then ends up in love with her student, Magimel, who seduces her, but she doesn't want to be seduced, so she takes control of everything, so everytime he makes a move to advance she backs off.  Totally its all about control and lose of control, she wants to be loved not seduced. First, she controls herself, then her lover, later she loses control of him, so she. At one stage because of her dominance their love spoils, then she gets more and more desperate, but because of her sickness, her nature, her lose of control through her control, her non-compromising nature, her dominance, her influence of male attribution...she lost her love. Though its hard to see this kinda human, we wouldn't raise a question in a single nuance, because of its characterization, this has more significance for its acclamation. 
Then paruthiveeran, instead of frustration, celebration of character has more significance. Movies environment is rendered with its ethnicity, whatever it may be, like in language, habits, thoughts, activities, music(an appropriate music for its culture, Indian filmmakers should learn from this movie for music and business of inter-layering songs).
At last, these are the movies must watch to create an artful and non deceptive character.

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