Saturday, February 21, 2009

Naan Kadavul??

Latest sensation(i don't know why,after watching 'pithamagan') in tamil film industry:Naan kadavul. Hell, i felt while watching this mass appeal movie,i thought of jumping away from cinema. The film director, Bala should re-consider himself. He is not a real parallel cinema maker or commercial maker(though there is nothing like that). I really don't know why people are celebrating him as a great filmmaker??Motcham, Saabam are protagonist's major deeds. Arya started well as an agory, Rudran, but the maker spoiled the tempo of the character. He has lot of opportunities to show the other side of the so called agories or the people living as such kinda status or stage. Then the story takes a turn and introduces us to the world of physically and mentally deformed beggars, again it starts well, especially the way BLACK HUMOUR performed by beggars is new to current Tamil cinema.Though he showed the life style and adversities in classical way, I dint involve sympathetically apart from those beggars appearance. Reason may be Illayaraja's music and movie lags of its making perfection. The maker trying to make the movie as GLOOMY, but he dint even competes the gloomy matter in KATTRATHU TAMIL's jeeva characterisation(though that movie failed because of protagonist's controversy).
Then, Arya, though his performance was great, still its a big question why he did all for!!
And background score, Illayaraja, I'm really doubtful on whether he is in 21st century or 20's or whether he knows what a background score is...(I'm really sorry for these words, though he is one of my favourite musicians, i want to use these words...if legends do mistake, it should be exaggerated, this is fact). The dialogues by much acclaimed writer, Jayamohan, is not off the mark sometimes. But overall it is good. Many times we cannot understand what their speaking, may be coz' of sound mixing was not clear. And logical mistakes like the protagonist(being an agory) accepts very easily to get home is an example. Bala, always try to show the extreme level of morbidity in his movies, nothing wrong, for number of reasons he is not getting right ingredients in scripting and making too. Technologically too his latest one is far behind. Music, camera, sound mixing, rerecording, etc...flaws will extend more if i ll let me to think, no need. I strongly believe its waste of time for him to try to make world cinema or parallel cinema or kinda cinema. Instead he can try to make movies like perarasu or hari's commercial cinema(though i stopped to see their movies long back, so i would add him in this list..haha), then people will be happy. Totally it's not a worthy movie apart from beggars life sequence.

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