Saturday, February 02, 2008

T...r...(D) to write and

It's been a long time since i spent time for think(someth)ing apart from my work.Though i am an amature writter(!??! belive me!),i love to write and read more,mor..E,mo..RE,m..ORE,...MORE!
I dont know what happened for thinking cells in my brain.But it's really great experience and satisfaction if you're doing a work which you were die-ing for much longer time...I just wanna relish this kinda life till the end,yah its like dual role,sorry four differrent role artist(Hero!)...each day im playing four characters,like MD in one,professional in another,Student and an associate.
And onething is sure,i read alots of books without knowing the real purpose,irrespective of fields or beyond any catogry,but the real output is matchless.Yes,its like a heaven if your output surging to another planet....!!

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