Saturday, February 23, 2008


What might be the major factor if you wanna do real big things?Curiosity or passion or experience??Here, my issue is with experience only...I wonder how useful the experience gonna help in this rapid changing world.But I'm not denying experience never help,it's undoubtedly help you like anything.Why i am raising this issue is,one of my friends running a manufacturing company,there he also shaping-teaching his son for next generation in different way(for me!).He is teaching by indicating the flaws(instead of opportunities...) in manufacturing plant and in industry.If this kinda on-the-job experience will help a leader or manager,then why those leaders or managers are not always successful through-out their career? Experience in failure could be useful, but it’s not a good indicator for or of future success. Though you may acquire relevant experiences throughout your career, your success do not continue at the same rate-I'm right if the history is true.Believe me,experience, probably has a strong negative correlation with success. If that weren’t true, all successful start-ups and entrepreneurs would be Mr.X,Age:80+.So,experince is one of the (minor)X-factor for success,if you compare with other factors.

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