Thursday, August 06, 2009

Globalization and Kali Yuga

My anonymous friend comment on my last post,
"Modern Day Philosophy:Its all b'coz all the modern world is coming under one single ideology - that is money!.
The global mouse race called globalization and its close allies free trade and Special Economic Zones is hell bent on bring the globe under one single order called money, wealth and its material comforts.
So the fundamental question now is whether money is for human or other way around, the latter being the cause of all modern day effects!!.
A human is one who co-exists with nature not living against it!. And such a human certainly know how to respect another human. But in this Kali Yuga its all upside down"
...Nice, i really like his ideologies, especially on human existence and its destination. For this he must curse on Chinese for inventing money, but my ideologies are quite different from him. Globalization, is not a simple strategic activity, its a world longest war, and its a well derived evolution of nature from culture, tradition, geography and community, moreover it has all kind of respects along with the opportunity for co-existence for co-driver(another human). Its not all about the big eat the small, instead its about the fast eat the slow, nothing beyond much more than this in this globalization. If you can't adopt this situation, you'll be predominantly outstripped by your co-driver, then the differentiation is going to eat you. For instance, whatever you've got, no matter how small or big, sell it, trade it, leverage it, rent it, but do something with it to turn a profit and get into the game is called globalization!
By the way i don't know what he tries to mean about Kali yuga, but in my words Kali yuga means 'Know All Lies Instantly yuga' is called KALI yuga.


Anonymous said...

What you told only caused big major economic crisis in America - the housing loan crisis!. Ppl bought and sold, or did some somersault and the global recession begin!.

And from there all the agents under it suffered enormously!!.

I just like to highlight my too much outspoken fren Ravi, that before you start aping western lifestyles and follow whatever crap they choose to do, think on your own head. Its not abt fast eating slow or big eating small, its about what to do and what not to do!.

The right course of action and life, what you western groomed called evolution and eastern dharma clearly shows as involution has always been there!. Its not something

Anonymous said...

The age when injustice is all around and people all wrapped in ignorance, that is Kali Yuga!.

In this Yuga Truth and Dharma is known only to Rishis, Sadhus and Yogis but who all are confined to forests and they all withdraw from the sinful material world of humans!!

Vazgha valamudan :)

Ramesh said...

SIR,enna sir discussion nadakkuthu inga?????